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Hely Gadecha in Conversation with Nina Muncherji

HelyGadhecha* is a certified Investment Advisor, serving over 300 families and many corporates since over 4 years. Hely Gadhecha aims to provide hassle-free and understandable investment options to existing investors, women, youth and retired individuals.

Nominated as “Women Leaders to look up to in 2021” by a global magazine Passion Vista and bagging regional and national awards for the business done, Hely aims to spread financial literacy and has made sure that Synvestment is the go-to place for anyone seeking investment solutions. Be it portfolio management, tax planning or existing portfolio restructuring, based on changes in market circumstances. She has her firm thriving for constant growth in terms of client satisfaction and wealth maximisation.

She is an Alumnus of Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India, making her Alma Mater proud.

Dr. Nina Muncherji** is an Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India. She is in conversation with Hely a bright, empowered and inspiring woman who she believes can become a role model for many young women.

How did the idea for your business come about?

Back in 2015 when I finished my Masters in Finance from Nirma University, I got a chance to do internship with the Reserve Bank of India. In those days, I realized that there is a massive lack of awareness amongst women regarding their financial independence. Many women were earning well but they were still dependent on the men in the family for managing their finances. The world of finance intrigued me. And I was convinced that I can make a positive impact in these women’s lives. Hence,I established Synvestment in 2017 and started offering consultation to businesses as well as individuals – especially women. Being a certified investment advisor, I started guiding them to make systematic investments and managing their portfolio on an active basis to help them achieve their goals.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

The urge to help out women to be financially independent was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It inspired me to become an entrepreneur and actively work towards spreading the financial literacy.

Who were mentors that encouraged you?

My family is my biggest cheerleader – supporting me and encouraging me in every possible way. My parents, my sister, my husband, and my father-in-law are the never-ending source of encouragement for me.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Believe in yourself and be consistent for 1000 days after starting a business and then expect results.
  • Be humble enough to accept criticism and use itconstructively.
  • Be aware and updated about the latest technology and trends related to your industry.

How do you handle work-life balance?

I follow the working hours quite religiously. My evenings and weekends are totally dedicated to my personal life. Doing this actually improves my productivity at work.

Do you worry that as a strong female CEO you’ll intimidate men?

I believe in approaching mybusiness from the standpoint of equality. And if people have similar professionalism, this would never intimidate them.

Have you ever been harassed or discriminated against?

At the beginning of my career, I noticed that the women like me who gave financial advice were not taken seriously by some men. But I took it as a challenge, and I proved my capabilities through my work.

What piece of advice would you give to college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs? Especially women.

Young graduates and women should focus on learning and achieving excellence in it. Knowledge can set you apart and make you confident. Take up freelance assignments or a job to understand the nuances of the industry. Every bit of experience will help you in the long run. Always save money from your earnings so that you don’t have to depend on others whenever you establish your business firm. And start working on creating a network of the right kind of people, right away!

How do you define success? What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

When I see the women and youth I helped, managing their own finances confidently, it gives me a lot of satisfaction. Whenever I do financial planning for someone and one day, they call to thank me for making their dream come true, I call it a success.

What key activities would you recommend women entrepreneurs to invest their time in?

Learn new technology and skills; know how to manage your personal financesso that you don’t have to depend on anyone. And finally, be professional and start building a credible network.

Your final thoughts on women empowerment.

Today’s women have come a long way, and we have a long way to go as well. The only thing that can make women feel empowered is education and knowledge. It’s high time women start believing in their capabilities rather than seeking validation from others.

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